About Us

We are recognized as the best acupuncture clinic in Toronto because we are patient focused

Our Toronto acupuncture clinic has received some of the best reviews and service recognition awards because of our Registered Acupuncturists (R. Ac). Each member of our staff has been trained to deliver high quality care and are also known for having solid “people skills”. We have a knack for making patients feel comfortable and relaxed. All our therapists have the maturity and intuition to know when to engage and when to give space and quiet during treatments.

Unlike many other busy acupuncture clinics, we are proudly a “single room acupuncture practice”. This means your Registered Acupuncturist will only treat one patient per time slot, without treating other patients at the same time. We are committed to focusing on you and only you, every visit.

We’ll work hard to relieve your symptoms as well as treat the root of your health issue through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

There is pride in in being an inclusive acupuncture clinic. We succeed at treating all of our patients with the same care as we would treat a friend or family member regardless of gender presentation, sexual orientation, race or body size. Anyone can come chill with us.

Acupuncture should not hurt. Whether we are practicing acupuncture, cupping therapy, moxibustion, facial cupping or gua sha, we promise the highest quality, comfortable service in Toronto in a clean and soothing atmosphere.

Patients goals are our goals. We are committed to providing care that works within time and budget constraints. Whether patients seek quick pain relief or ongoing weekly long-term disease prevention, we promise to formulate a treatment strategy that works. Upselling, preaching, scheduling unnecessary appointments and high pressure rebooking tactics don’t belong in wellness.

Our goal is simple – to become the most reputable acupuncture clinic in Toronto for providing results-driven and comfortable care.

Acupuncture Center Toronto provides pain free acupuncture in the heart of downtown toronto
Acupuncture Center Toronto provides pain free acupuncture in the heart of downtown toronto

The Team at Our Acupuncture Clinic

Clinic owner and experienced R. Ac of over 17 years Sarah Kreitzer at Acupuncture Center Toronto

Sarah Kreitzer R.Ac
Clinic Owner

Jayme Tisi RMT Acupuncturist at Acupuncture Center Toronto

Jayme Tisi

Ariel Wai-Loong Ng
R. Ac, R. TCMP

Amber Kinrade R. Ac, R. TCMP Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbs Practitioner in Yorkville

Jennifer Keith R. Ac

Amber Kinrade R. Ac, R. TCMP Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbs Practitioner in Yorkville

Aya Tomioka R. Ac

Amber Kinrade R. Ac, R. TCMP Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbs Practitioner in Yorkville

Jane Lee R. Ac

Amber Kinrade R. Ac, R. TCMP Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbs Practitioner in Yorkville

Wan-Ling (Jamie) Chu R. Ac

Kindly watch our clinic policy video before your first appointment

Our Terms of Service and other Need to Know Stuff

Even though we provide treatments 7 days a week, messages left on our main email/phone are returned during business hours.

Your therapist is your point of contact for all matters including: scheduling, directions to the clinic and other health related questions/concerns.  They will get back to you more promptly than leaving messages on our main clinic line.

In short, your therapist is your main “go-to” contact. Your therapists contact information can be found on all appointment related emails after you have booked an appointment. At your first appointment please do grab their business card.

We do not schedule, accept cancellations or reschedule appointments via our general inbox or main clinic phone.

We do not have a receptionist AND for safety, the main door to the acupuncture clinic is often locked until right before your session time. We also need some to review your intake form in advance to strategize the best possible treatment based on your symptoms.

The health history form can be found on all automated emails we send you leading up to your first appointment. If for whatever reason you are not able to fill out the form in advance, please let your therapist know and arrive 10 minutes early so we can have a device ready for you in the waiting area.

Please be advised you likely will not receive your full amount of treatment time if you fill out the intake form at the clinic.

We do not charge extra for initial consultations. It is free and is embedded into your first appointment and is the same price as a regular 1 hour clinical acupuncture appointment.

Actual treatment time for the first session is shortened by approximately 20 minutes or more depending on how detailed the intake form was filled out and how fast we can get through it. We need this time during your first appointment to allow for a safe and custom tailored treatment protocol.  We base our point/herbal prescriptions based on information your provide during intake. We appreciate your patience. Every subsequent appointment consultation is significantly shorter and takes approximately 10 minutes leaving more time for treatment.

  • Full treatment price will be charged without exception for all short notice cancellations or “no show appointments”. We often have waiting lists and our therapists have put time aside just for you.
  • Sorry we do not accept cancellations or short notice appointment via our general clinic line or general inbox.
  • Please contact your therapist via their mobile/clinic email (not the general clinic #) and let them know you need to cancel on short notice.

Most of the time, acupuncture won’t require you to fully disrobe. Shorts ensures privacy and comfort for both patient and therapist. Please bring a pair of shorts that you can wear over your underwear to every appointment.

We ask patients to kindly remove their outdoor footwear in the clinic near the front desk. We find not having outdoor shoes helps maintain our super clean clinic. If you are not comfortable with wearing socks/barefeet inside the Center, please bring your own slippers to each appointment.

Out of consideration for clients after you, treatments will not be extended beyond your scheduled time. We do not provide discounts for shortened appointments due to late arrival. Your punctuality is appreciated.

  1. Those that have had Botox or other injectables for cosmetic acupuncture for 8 weeks since their last injection. It is not safe to do Cosmetic Acupuncture on pregnant patients.
  2. Those that have undergone cosmetic surgery within the last 6 months for cosmetic acupuncture.
  3. Hijama/”wet” style bloodletting cupping.
  4. Weight loss
  5. Those with contagious disease that may compromise our staff’s health including the flu and shingles.
  6. 3rd party billing appointments including direct insurance and WSIB cases