Facial Cupping / Facial Gua Sha Toronto

Smooth & sculpt your face. Botox and side-effect free. For beauty or facial pain conditions.

Smooth & sculpt your face. Botox and side-effect free. For beauty or facial pain conditions.

Price: $125/45 minutes (includes HST)

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Facial Cupping/Facial Gua Sha Toronto

  • Facial cupping/facial gua sha is relaxing and effective for both clinical and cosmetic goals. This awesome facial rejuvenation techniques can be incorporated into any 1 hour cosmetic or clinical appointment at no extra cost. (Receipt will read “Acupuncture”).
  • Facial Cupping/Gua Sha can be booked as an a la carte 45 minute appointment. A  la carte appointments, will not include Acupuncture. (Receipt will read Facial Cupping/Facial Gua Sha).
  • Unlike cupping on the body which leaves marks, facial cupping does not leave marks but instead promote fresh blood and circulation to the face. We only use the highest quality smooth glass cups (not plastic) and stone or crystal Gua Sha tools.
  • Our traditional Chinese facial rejuvenation techniques are targeted towards your chosen cosmetic goals or facial/scalp related health condition such as TMJ or sinus issues.
  • Enhance complexion and reduce acne.
  • Facial Cupping/Facial Gua Sha increases blood and lymph flow to your facial tissue using gentle suction (negative pressure) which improves the quality and tone of skin.
  • The treatment encourages collagen production, which restores the skins elasticity and texture. You will immediately notice a lovely warm flushed feeling to the face. Facial cupping can achieve many aesthetic and clinical goals.
  • Following Facial Cupping/Facial Gua Sha treatments at our downtown Toronto clinic, expect your skin to be looking fresh, relaxed and healthy. Giving you that fresh from vacation glow!
  • We can use the techniques to target most issues related to the face scalp and neck.

Health benefits of Facial Cupping/Facial Gua Sha

  • Stimulates blood flow in the skin
  • Improves facial lymphatic drainage – ridding tissues of waste & toxins!
  • Reduces sinus pressure and congestion
  • Helps to relax tight jaw muscles
  • Relieves tension headaches
  • Reduces sinus pressure
  • Reduces stress by encouraging rest and relation in the central nervous system.

Health conditions relieved by Facial Cupping/Facial Gua Sha

  • TMJ and lockjaw
  • Bell’s Palsy
  • Facial neuralgia and facial paralysis
  • Dental pain/recovery from dental procedures
  • Neck pain and tension
  • Headaches/migraines

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Facial Cupping or Facial Gua Sha as part of any 1 hour session or book a la carte

Our facial cupping or facial gua sha sessions can be added (if advised by your therapist) at no extra charge to most cosmetic acupuncture appointments.

Like all of our other value add-on services, there is no extra charge for the service in 1 hour appointments. Facial cupping/facial Gua Sha is only applied when recommended and deemed safe for you by your therapist. We can only apply either Facial Cupping OR Facial Gua Sha within each appointment. Let us use our expertise to curate the best treatment for your body.

Facial Cupping/Facial Gua Sha Frequently Asked Questions

Rest assured that our facial cupping rejuvenation techniques are different than body cupping and it is extremely rare to leave marks on the skin. The cups used for facial cupping do not involve fire/flames and are tiny in comparison to the cups we use for fire cupping on the body. We only use the highest quality smooth glass facial cups on the market so we can control the amount of suction and make sure it’s soothing.

Absolutely not; facial cupping feels wonderful! The suction is not as intense as fire cupping used on the body. You will especially love it if you are someone that enjoys having facial rejuvenation treatments done. Often clients fall asleep during facial cupping. Please note the treatment does include a tiny bit of pain-free acupuncture. It will be minimal and very comfortable. We promise.

Facial cupping works to improve your skin from adolescence to your senior years.

  • Teens/20’s – Facial cupping treatments can benefit teens- 20’s for helping to rid waste products in the skin promoting blemish free, flawless skin.
  • For aging skin/30+ – Facial rejuvenation cupping encourages young and tight skin by working with the blood system, collagen and elastin keeping the tissues supple and radiant!

No. Our services are not like traditional facial rejuvenation services. We do not use steam, or oxygen nor do we perform extractions or do extensive facial massage.

For 45 minute appointments, since there is no Acupuncture, the treatment will probably not be covered by insurance. Each plan is different depending on your workplace organization and group benefit plan they’ve chosen. To avoid disappointment,  please check with your insurance provider before booking an appointment. 45 minute Facial Cupping/Facial Cupping receipts will be billed as “Facial Cupping/ Facial Gua Sha” not “Acupuncture”.

Cosmetic Acupuncture appointments will likely include partial coverage and here’s why- The 1 hour Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments are longer. We’ll have more time to include a longer health intake and a more holistic clinical approach to the appointment. We’ll incorporate health and beauty points during this appointment.  Book a 1 hour Cosmetic Acupuncture appointment should Insurance Coverage matter to you. 

Yes! You can add facial cupping or gua sha facial to any clinical acunpuncture OR cosmetic acupuncture 1 hour appointment at NO additional charge!! This is a unique value service is not available at most acupuncture clinics. Please keep in mind that not all 1 hour appointments (by default) include this service. To prevent tissue damage/bruising, you will receive either Facial Cupping OR Facial Gua Sha.

The ultimate decision is left up to the discretion of your therapist and have the final say because we value your health and will only proceed if it is safe to do so.

If your facial cupping appointment is for a health issue and not cosmetic related, we advise you to book a 1 hour clinical acupuncture session so we have the time to include acupuncture for it’s deeper healing benefits. You are still welcome to book a 45 minute first time appointment should you decide not to have acupuncture.

  • No, our a la cart 45 minute Facial Cupping/Gua Sha appointments do not include Acupuncture and are not billed as such.
  • If you wish to have receive acupuncture and have your receipt reflect this, included, please book either a 1 hour cosmetic acupuncture appointment OR a 1 hour clinical acupuncture appointment and we can include Facial Cupping/Gua Sha.

No. You will need to wait at least 8 weeks until we can administer the treatment. Both Facial Cupping/Facial Gua Sha will interfere with your recent procedure. For other non-cosmetic recent facial surgeries (such as dental work etc.), please contact us prior to booking.

Policies regarding Facial Cupping & facial Gua Sha

  • Please note your first appointment will include a 10 minute or so consultation.

  • Remove all make-up prior to your visit. Ask your therapist if you require a make-up wipe.

  • Please be on time, especially for the shorter 45 minute a la carte appointments.  We are a busy clinic with consecutive appointments. We pride ourselves at being punctual for our patients. We are unable to extend your visit if you are late.

  • We cannot and will not lie or provide false information on receipts. If your appointment did not include Acupuncture, it will not be stated on the receipt. We are professionally obligated to provide accurate and transparent receipts. We protect our professional designations and wouldn’t want you to get in trouble either! Our clinic is fully compliant with all governing bodies including the CTCMPAO, Insurance companies and the CRA.