Watch a patient’s low-back pain recovery story…

Acupuncture Center Toronto heals low back pain Registered Acupuncture at Yonge and Bloor St. in Toronto. Acupuncture blocks pain receptors and decreases inflammation. Specific points are used that reduce pain and increase circulation to the lumbar and hip region. Shiatsu therapy for low back pain involves sinking the thumbs and elbows into the low back to help loosen contracted muscles.

Acupuncture Center Toronto

Acupuncture Center Toronto – Registered Acupuncture (R.Ac.) in downtown Toronto. Relieve pain and medical conditions by experienced therapists.  We are Registered Acupuncturists in the heart of downtown Toronto at Yonge and Bloor.  Two blocks north of Bloor TTC station.  We have been offering shiatsu and acupuncture in downtown Toronto for over a decade.

Acupunture Center offers clinical acupuncture, cupping, cosmetic acupuncture, gua sha (scraping), Chinese moxibustion and Japanese moxibustion All services are included in one hour appoinments for a reasonable flat fee.

We are proud to be in the top 3 best Acupuncture clinics in Toronto both on Opencare and ThreeBestRated.  All aspects of the treatment are communicated and explained. We are excited to nourish, heal and respect your body.  Acupuncture Center Toronto is a  LGBTQ welcoming space.

Our general practice welcomes patients seeking incredible results through traditional Chinese Medicine bodywork. All therpists are Registered and bring unique skills and gifts. We are a patient focussed clinic. This means that you decide what the focus of the treatment should be and let us know which type of services work best for you, whether it’s acupuncture, cupping, moxa, gua-sha or a bit of everything. We will work with you to ensure you can maintain a treatment schedule that fits your budget and time constraints.  Can’t wait to treat you!