Yes mammies, we do pregnancy breech and induction acupuncture!

Tornoto breech position labour induction acupuncture moxibustion patient with therapist

We love doing pregnancy acupuncture/moxibustion in our downtown Toronto clinic and today we’ll be talking about breech position and labour induction. We’ll even show a video demo of a labour induction on a REAL LIVE PREGNANT lady in our Toronto clinic; woo-hoo!!

Although there are several excellent points for both breech and labour induction, we chose to showcase 1 famous common point that can do both. It’s very important to note that this point should NEVER be stimulated while pregnant unless directed by a Registered Acupuncturist, mid-wife or medical doctor. Want to know what it’s like getting labour induction moxibustion? We wanted to soothe nerves about the procedure and walk you through the experience with a quick video on how we performed it on one of our own consenting pregnant patient’s.

Watch our clinic’s induction experience video

Let us walk your though the patient experience of a labour induction treatment in our lovely Yorkville, Toronto clinic! Watch this…

Real live labour induction with moxibustion at Acupuncture Center Toronto Wondering what it’s like getting labour induction with moxibustion acupuncture? We wanted to soothe nerves about the procedure and walk you through the experience with a quick video on how we performed it. One of our pregnant patient’s was about to pop.

Moxibustion for labour induction- the general facts

If a baby gets too cozy in the womb, doctors will want to medically induce labour. Usually sometime between 41-43 weeks. Many women would rather avoid hormonally induced labour as the contractions become painful and the risk for needing an epidural increase. It also increases the likelihood of requiring a c-section which many would rather avoid.

Why try acupuncture and moxibustion for inducing labour?

Breech-moxibustion-pregnancy-care-at-Acupuncture-Center-TorontoDoctors and researchers have become increasingly more interested in providing alternatives to traditional invasive procedures. We definitely produce many success stories in giving baby a push in our clinic. This study states acupuncture and moxibustion “increase the readiness of the cervix for labour”. (US National Library of Medicine).

Our goal is to help regulate the mother’s natural reproductive cycle. Give it a gentle energy and blood drum beat if you will! We want to bring about a timely “contraction onset, dilation of the cervix, rupture of the waters and expulsion of the foetus” (Debra Betts- Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Childbirth).

When is it safe to induce labour with acupuncture/moxibustion?

The short answer is whenever your doctor or midwife recommends it. Whenever patients ask us, we will always send them back to refer to whomever is medically taking care of them. After it’s been approved-game on, come-on-down and let’s get needling.

Technically, a full pregnancy term is anywhere in the ballpark between 38-42 weeks however some MD’s will feel comfortable leaving things a little longer up to 43 weeks. Most inductions happen sometime within 7-10 days past the official due date.

How often should one come in for pregnancy induction acupuncture?

Treatment frequency depends on ultrasound appointments but generally 2-3 treatments per week is ideal. If mum can’t make it for that many per week, we will work with your budget and time constraints and figure something out. We also usually provide patients with some homework to enhance results such as giving moxibustion lessons so you can do-it-yourself at home daily.

Here’s how acupuncture specifically helps with past due date pregnancy:

  • Acupuncture does a sweet energetic reset with the needles to get things flowing downwards.
  • Acupuncture is amazing at helping the body do what it should do naturally.
  • Tackle worries and fears head on. Let certain points perform classic mind-calming functions. This is especially helpful for women who have previously have problematic or traumatic pregnancies.
  • Also great for soothing nerves if anxious about the looming possibility of medical induction. Acupuncture ESPECIALLY at our clinic is all about relaxing.
  • Cervix dilation- let us ripen your cervix like a fresh fruit.
  • We’ll give you DIY points to press at home, your own moxibustion stick to do if you can’t come back or for in between treatments.
  • We’ll stimulate points to increase your energy and prevent exhaustion
  • Help with any baby blues. We can work on the lung energy and points associated with this organ as it relates to depression and sadness.

Correcting breech position with moxibustion

When to get moxibustion for breech position?

Ideally at the 34 or 35th week however anytime after week 34 is fair game and there is potential to make baby turn even up till the very end of term. Worth a shot ladies. Let’s do this!

Why moxibustion for breech position?

Moxibustion (also referred to as “moxa”) will either turn the baby into correct position or make a manual adjustment much smoother and usually more successful.

Success rate

  • 81% of babies turned in a Chinese study compared with 49% in a control group (Debra Betts, Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Childbirth).
  • In our practice our success rate is high.
  • Although we cannot gaurantee that baby will budge with acupuncture, you will have the greatest chance at inducing labour naturally.

What’s the point if it’s not guaranteed?

The treatments are never wasted time. This time is critical to treat with acupuncture to not only stimulate famous Bladder 67 but include other points:

  1. Help boost the likelihood of a smooth unproblematic delivery.
  2. We usually layer in a few more choice acupuncture points based on each particular mum

    Look how relaxed mum is. Thumbs up!.

  3. We can help reduce the likelihood of low back pain and painful pregnancy.
  4. Acupuncture sets mum into birth with a calm mind and balanced hormones.
  5. There’s no better time then to let an acupuncturist nourish Yin than in the final stages. Yin in mum’s body is at an all time low. This watery, nourishing life force substance according to Chinese Medicine is given to the fetus. Mum’s reserves are low. This is why new mothers are usually really exhausted. It’s not only the rigours of a new demanding baby. Physically, the baby has totally wiped out a mothers Yin. Through acupuncture we can restore this precious substance and boost energy.

Plus, life’s about to get truly low on “me time”.

No better time than to savour your last days of quiet with an hour to yourself in perfect bliss.

We can’t wait for you to come chill with us for some sweet pregnancy care.

by Sarah Kreitzer, R. Ac