13 Nov

Our in house continuing education staff training…BEST time ever!

Acupuncture Center Toronto Therapists learning new sciatica and low back pain techniques

Our therapists have so much knowledge to share. We love getting together and learning from each other. We are undeniably proud Acupuncture nerds. Our last continuing education session included collaborating information with each other on common conditions we treat in the clinic.

Check us out in our element in this vid!

Toronto Acupuncture Expertise Shines Bright

Book an appointment at https://act.janeapp.com Check out our award winning downtown Toronto Acupuncture team in action! We love getting together to share knowledge. Growing our skills through continuing education is something all of our Registered Acupuncturists (R. Ac’s) are committed to.

Registered Acupuncturists at Acupuncture Center Toronto committed to learning latest skills and techniques in Acupuncture field. We win awards because we have the skills and knowledge as well as bed side manner

We are committed to learning and growing as therapists at Acupuncture Center Toronto- In clinic Continuing Education workshop.

We strive to be the best acupuncturists we can be and offering quality care in our clinic!

Acupuncture clinic targets posture

Jayme our resident RMT massage therapist/acupuncturist shared some helpful neck and headache massage techniques.

Sarah (clinic owner) who is a shiatsu therapist and acupuncturist refreshed everyone on using the elbow on the shoulder as a massage tool.

Sarah and associates on incorporating shiatsu massage into acupuncture treatments

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Holly gave everyone an incredibly informative briefing on safety protocols for treating pregnancy with acupuncture.

Registered Acupuncturists at Acupuncture Center Toronto learning best pregnancy infertility techniques for their acupuncture treatments

Cindy lead an engaging lesson on her magic for treating the hips, low back and sciatic pain. Carrie taught a new technique on how to quickly relax patients with a secret point.

Acupuncture Center Toronto Therapists learning new sciatica and low back pain techniques

Every therapist at the Center is committed to learning, growing and catching up on the best tips to help patients.

In the clinic, we are often so busy treating patient’s so we value coming together as a team and getting in some therapist bonding time while passing on helpful skills to each other.

We had the best time at our continuing education workshop and can’t wait to do it again soon!