We’re thrilled to see cupping come into the spot light in the last few years. When celebrities use any form of traditional Chinese medicine, it’s always validating. It helps bring credibility to efficacy of what we do and ultimately makes it more accepted and accessible to more people. Some insurance plans still don’t cover acupuncture however it’s this kind of mainstream coverage that help remove some the mystery surrounding Chinese Medicine and put’s pressure on insuring bodies to offer it in extended healthcare packages.

Acupuncture is the real star KEEP THIS IN MIND when booking ok?

Another point that I wanted to make in the article but  foolishly forgot while being interviewed by Joseph Brean.  Cupping is an auxillery modality. That means although its great and has healing properties, it’s not the be-all-and-end-all of ultimate recovery from pain and disease. Acupuncture’s clinical benefit far outweighs cupping. Cupping is something that we use as a tool to enhance acupuncture. It only takes 10-15 minutes and should be seen as a cool side-kick to needling. We created a half hour cupping service because of the demand however all first time appointments need to be one hour for safe intake and honestly for a more clinically effective treatment.

Anyways, we are super stoked to have been asked to contribute to the following article. Please click on the link below to read it in full. Enjoy…

XO Sarah Kreitzer, R. Ac (clinic owner)


Justin Trudeau uses ‘cupping’ – ancient skin therapy popular among athletes, celebrities – photos reveal

Justin Trudeau, the prime minister, engages in cupping, an ancient skin suction therapy that has seen renewed popularity in modern times among high-level athletes and lifestyle celebrities. This was revealed Monday in photographs that accompanied Trudeau’s appearance on sportswriter Jonah Keri’s podcast, which show two circular reddish bruises on his left forearm.