Pandemic Acupuncture Relief for restaurant owners who’ve lost their business due to Covid-19

We are happy to announce that we are offering (a limited amount of) free care to restaurant owners who have lost their businesses due to COVID-19. A small gesture from us to help others through an incredibly stressful time. Carefully read about who is eligible to apply and the application process. As you can probably imagine, we are getting more requests than we can accommodate. We are going through applications as fast as we can but due to the high volume of applicants, we will not be able to respond back or treat everyone that applies. Free treatments will take place throughout January and February 2021. We appreciate your understanding. We wish we could treat everyone and our hearts go out to all of you.

clinic owner Sarah Kreitzer applying acupuncture for back pain


  • 1. Please note, free treatments are limited to business owners who lost a Toronto based brick-and-mortar restaurant due to Covid-19 restrictions. Unfortunately, we are only accepting applications from those who fall into this category at this time. Application deadline: January 15th, 2021.

  • 2.  Please be aware that the free treatments are provided in teaching clinic format with our clinic owner being present while mentoring newer staff throughout the session. We understand this may not be for everyone. It will however be a full treatment full of a few amazing willing-to-serve Registered Acupuncturists ( R. Ac’s). We are certain it will be helpful for patient’s physical and mental health.

  • 3.  Clinical acupuncture is the only service being offered. One of our auxiliary modalities may also be provided (Cupping, Moxibustion and Gua Sha) if deemed safe and necessary by our team. Cosmetic Acupuncture is not being offered as part of this initiative.

  • 4.  Please do not follow up. We will only be communicating and reaching out to those who applied on a first come-first-serve basis. We will only be communicating with/contacting those who we are able to accommodate. If you don’t hear from us, we apologize in advance, but it probably means we reached our capacity of how many free offerings we could manage.

Application Process

Email Applications to:
We are asking those interested to include “FREE TREATMENT APPLICATION” in the subject line.

Email Applications to:
We are asking those interested to include “FREE TREATMENT APPLICATION” in the subject line.

Registered Acupuncture team offering free acupuncture to restaurant owners who've lost their business due to COVID- 19

Body of email-please include:

  • The name of the restaurant that closed
  • Your full name and mobile #

  • Your professional title at the restaurant

  • Date of closure

  • How many years in operation?

  • Additional information you feel comfortable sharing. No more than 1 (short) paragraph please!

We wish everyone so much good health, luck and happiness through this challenging time.