Need to know stuff and clinic policies

  • We are a reception-less clinic. Messages left on our main email/phone are returned during regular business hours.
  • Your therapist is your main “go-to” contact. Please take note of your therapist’s direct phone/email which can be found on all appointment related emails after you have booked an appointment. Your therapist will be your point of contact for all matters including: scheduling, directions to the clinic and other health related questions/concerns. They will get back to you quickly.
  • We strongly suggest you fill out the health intake form in advance online of your first appointment. If you are not able to fill out the form in advance please let your therapist know  and arrive 10 minutes early so we can have a device ready for you in the waiting area. Keep in mind, because we do not have a receptionist and the door is often locked until right before your session time,  you likely will not receive your full amount of treatment time if you fill out the intake form at the clinic.
  • Please be advised that the beginning of your first  treatment includes an initial consultation. This time is embedded into the first treatment to allow for a safe and custom tailored treatment protocol. Actual treatment time for the first session is shortened by approximately 20 minutes.


Sarah KreitzerWe have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. Full treatment price will be charged without exception for all short notice cancellations or “no show appointments”.

Bring your own shorts


Most of the time, acupuncture won’t require you to fully disrobing. Shorts ensures privacy and comfort for both patient and therapist. Please bring a pair of shorts that you can wear over your underwear to every appointment.


Out of consideration for clients after you, treatments will not be extended beyond your scheduled time. Your punctuality is appreciated.

We do not treat

  • folks that have had botox or other injectables for cosmetic acupuncture for 8 weeks since their last injection. It can mess with both treatments.
  • folks looking for hijama style bloodletting cupping. Sorry, it’s not in our scope of practice.