Maria Laffin R. Ac

Maria Laffin Registered Acupuncturists at award winning clinic Acupuncture Center Toronto

Maria Laffin R. Ac embodies our core value of non-aggressive gentle treatment style. If warm caring bedside manner is one of your priorities when selecting a therapist, we highly recommend booking an appointment with her. Wise,  soft-spoken and completely committed to Chinese Medicine. Maria’s continued educational background includes multiple courses and in depth training on Cosmetic Acupuncture as well as a Chinese Medical approach for  treatment of Brain/nervous system diseases.  Her special interests include neurological pain including spinal cord injuries, stroke, multiple sclerosis, concussion and brain injuries. She enjoys treating musculoskeletal issues and is great at cupping. Maria carefully listens to her patient’s needs and delivers. She is easy going, professional and pays attention to detail. Her acupuncture needling technique is impeccable, precise and very comfortable. We are certain you will vibe Maria Laffin and her quality care.

Languages spoken: English and Portuguese

Maria is available for appointments:

Monday               3:30PM-9:45PM

Tuesday               9:00AM-3:00PM

Wednesday        3:30PM-9:45PM

Sunday              3:30PM-9:45PM


Click the link below to book an appointment with Maria: