Jayme Tisi, R. Ac, RMT

Meet Jayme Tisi R. Ac, RMT our brilliant Registered Acupuncturist/Registered Massage Therapist. Double the Healing…
Jayme Tisi is both an RMT registered Massage Therapist and R. Ac Registered Acupunturist in Downtown Toronto who practices at Acupuncture Center Toronto

Jayme is a highly qualified therapist who can deliver the best of both worlds as a Registered Massage Therapist AND a Registered Acupuncturist. Do you love Acupuncture but get the blues when you run out of Acupuncture insurance benefit money? No need to get down as Jayme can write receipts for both because she spent years learning and perfecting both crafts and has 2 professional designations.

We are so grateful to have Jayme Tisi on the Acupuncture Center Toronto team because we totally get why her patients ADORE HER! Mild mannered, polite and caring; her patients instantly relax in her hands. She is one of the most kind and patient focused therapists you will ever have the pleasure of getting treated from. This will be very apparent when you have your first appointment with her during your health intake. She knows exactly what questions to ask to give you the most custom-tailored treatment. She sensitively listens to your concerns so that a thorough treatment can be conducted. Jayme shares the clinic’s philosophy that comfort and relaxation must come before anything else when it comes to receiving acupuncture. Her needle technique is gentle but her treatments pack power!

Jayme has consistent success treating a wide range of health conditions. She’s great at relieving musculoskeletal issues such as lumbago, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatic pain, rotator cuff and joint mobility restrictions. Aside from muscular complaints she also has had great results with cosmetic acupuncture, migraines/headaches, tinnitus, fibromyalgia, digestive concerns and sinusitis.

Above all else she genuinely cares about attaining positive results and is determined to provide relief that delivers patient satisfaction. As you can see by Jayme’s extensive clinical background and proven track record at fixing health problems, we couldn’t be more pleased to have her on board at the Center.

Please note, Jayme integrates massage therapy into her treatments however mostly works from a Chinese Medicine perspective and does not offer “massage-only” treatments. For those looking for a purely massage focused treatment, we are happy to refer you to a RMT clinic. Thank-you for understanding.

Jayme is available Sunday mornings. She’s only with us 1/week and she books up FAST so it’s best to book in advance!

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