Holly Trinh, R. Ac, R. TCMP

Holly Trinh practices Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs at Acupuncture Center Toronto

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs with Holly

Need skilled Acupuncturist in Toronto? Meet Holly from Acupuncture Center Toronto

https://acupuncturecentertoronto.com Best Acupuncture clinic in Toronto on Yelp, Opencare and Google reviews. Meet Holly Trinh, Registered Accupuncturist and Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. She’s confident, sweet smart and her patients always come back for more of her care. Appointments with Holly are at our Yorkville Acupuncture clinic.

Are you looking for a confident grounded therapist? Is excellent bed-side manner equally as important as getting top-notch health care? Look no further, Holly is your therapist. She truly is a star acupuncturist and we are honored that she is practicing with us 5 times/week!

In addition to being a super Registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Herbalist, Holly is also an experienced Dental Hygienist specializing in biocompatible holistic dentistry. Although she is more than equipped to tackle any health issue with Acupuncture, she welcomes the opportunity to utilize her dentistry experience to fix facial pain, TMJ, jaw grinding/pain, bells palsy and headaches.

Holly is also R. TCMP which means she is a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist. Let Holly provide with you the works- relaxing acupuncture with the power of Chinese Herbs to enhance healing. Holly uses the reputable (North American produced) Golden Flower as the brand for her herbal prescriptions. They are free of heavy metals, pestisides, sulphers and are free of dairy and gluten.

After one treatment with this lovely, you will appreciate her deep understanding of human anatomy as well as her refreshing no-nonsense approach to health care. In addition to her passion for holistic Chinese medicine, Holly is proud mum of 2. She is always up for providing family medicine and is great at working with children and adolescents. Holly is dedicated to helping you or any member of you family feel happy and healthy.

Holly Trinh, R. Ac is at the clinic Tuesday, Friday as well as Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Click on the link below to go straight to Holly’s booking availability.