Cindy Willems, R. Ac

Cindy’s gift for finding and ridding pain in the body is extraordinary. Her intuitive palpation skills and strong ability to quickly pin point a problem in the body is a quality that most therapists take years to develop. She’s incredible at quickly relieving repetitive strain injuries, shoulder hip and low back pain. Cindy is so likable and easy going, it’s no surprise she naturally builds lasting relationships with her patients.  What an awesome Acupuncturist! Cindy’s extensive experience as a therapeutic Pilates instructor elevates her knowledge with human kinetics. She also has a diploma in Holistic Nutrition. We are excited to have Cindy join us as she’s incredible at providing home care advice that will help your health condition through not only our core services but also her wisdom with movement, stretches or Chinese Medicine dietary advice. Book with Cindy, you’ll be delighted you did!

Cindy is available for appointments: Monday 3:30PM-9:30PM, Friday evening between 4:45PM-9:30PM and most Saturdays.

Click the link below to book an appointment with Cindy.