Chinese Herbs at Acupuncture Center Toronto

Traditional Chinese medicine herbs completes the full spectrum of TCM care offered in our Toronto Bloor Yorkville clinic.  Herbs are an effective way to help treat health conditions including pain, digestive conditions, skin problemes, insomnia, migraines/headaches and stress.  We decided to add the service for those who were seeking to enhance acupuncture sessions and asking us what else can they do to help their health.

acupuncture and herbs at Acupuncture Center Toronto

Benefits of Chinese Herbs

  • The practice of Chinese herbs works effectively to alleviate symptoms of disease.
  • There are little to no side effects and the ingredients come from nature.
  • Each prescription is custom tailored to hot only your issue but geared to work with your individual health constitution.
  • Sooth your pain and nagging symptoms side effect free and without exposing yourself to risking drug toxicity.

1st appointment Chinese Medicine Herbal Medicine. Without acupuncture.  45 minutes $85.00

Follow up Chinese Herbal Medicine. Without acupuncture.  (30 minutes) $60.00

Combo treatment Chinese Herbal Medicine and acupuncture  (first time or follow up) (75 minutes) $130.00

*Includes tax

Practitioners who practice herbs: Holly Trinh R. Ac, R. TCMP

 How the service works
  • Chinese herbs can be administered at Acupuncture Center Toronto either as a standalone treatment or can be combined with an acupuncture session. The combination treatment is perfect holistic medicine.
  • The combo treatment is appropriate for both existing patients as well as first time patients who wish to try both Acupuncture and herbs. Consultation would be included into your first treatment and intake takes approximately 15 minutes.
  • During acupuncture you are passive, get to relax and have healing points stimulated. It’s up to you to make sure you are following the dosage recommended by your therapist.
  • The amount of follow up visits depends on your condition. In most cases it would be suggested to check in for a period to ensure you body is seeing results and make sure the prescription and dosage is spot-on.
  • Please note that the indicated price above does not include the cost of the herbs. Once your therapist has completed a herbal session, they will present formula options and consult with you on the price of herbs which varies on the condition, length of time you need to be taking them and how quickly your body heals.

Vegetarians vegans and allergies

  • Please note most herbs we use are vegetarian/vegan however there are some animal based ingredients. Please indicate on your health intake form and tell your therapist if you do not wish any animal based ingredients to be included in your formula.
  • Please indicate on your intake form as well as letting your therapist know if you have any known allergies.
  • We will happily accommodate any restrictions.

Existing patient?

You can continue receiving acupuncture from your Acupuncturist and see one of our Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners (R. TCMP) just for herbs.


Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs help pain and medical conditions

Chinese herbal medicine at Yorkville Acupuncture Center toronto

At Acupuncture Center Toronto, like our other acupuncture services, you are never given a standard one-size-fits-all treatment. One on one personalized consultations ensure you will receive a winning combination of herbs consisting of plants, flowers and mineral compounds. Your therapist will carefully consider the therapeutic properties of each herb as well as its effect when combined with others. They will formulate their prescription for you out of over 450 herbs commonly used in Chinese Medicine.

Like acupuncture, herbal therapy history took thousands of years to develop and the medicine and its prescriptions have been perfected over time. Our Toronto acupuncture clinic hires the most knowledgeable practitioners. We curate tailored formulas of healing herbs to ensure a perfect blend of medicine just for you.  Our herbal formulas ensure elimination of negative side effects and enhance positive health gains. Herbs can relieve just about any health condition you would see a medical doctor for. We have only touched on the most common conditions that are helped with herbs.

Back, neck and shoulder pain

Herbal compounds for pain are effective anti-inflammatories.  They are non-addictive and have been proven in alleviating all kinds of aches including, nerve, joint, muscle and all injuries. In Chinese medicine the treatment of pain involves finding the underlying reason why someone is suffering.Often the reason is seen as what’s known as “Bi syndrome”. Bi syndrome historically can be caused by exposure to wind, cold, dampness or heat. In other cases, such as with low back pain, the reason is often related to kidney weakness known as kidney yin, yang or qi deficiency. Kidneys govern the low back and overwork, stress and hereditary can play a part of weakening them. There are so many effective herbs that strengthen the kidneys and warm the muscles and bones to control pain. Chinese herbs provide quick and long-lasting relief. At Acupuncture Center Toronto we offer both internal and topical herbal prescriptions.

Migraines and Headaches

We can help alleviate or get rid of chronic headaches! Chinese herbs are effective at reducing the frequency and intensity of headaches and migraines. Herbal medicine excels at investigating the complexities of all kinds of headaches by understanding the root cause of them. Many of the herbs used influence vasodilation of the capillaries and vessels and have an analgesic (painkilling) affect. A herbal prescription can also soothe stress which is often a factor in relieving headaches. Patient’s goals of reducing or eliminating pharmaceutical medication can be achieved. After all aspirin was derived from willow bark which is a classic herb used in the treatment of headaches in Chinese medicine.  We have tremendous success at treating headaches as we make our diagnosis based on location, quality of the pain, your organ health and other environmental influences. If pills such as aspirin and Advil isn’t providing the long-term relief you need, we recommend booking a Chinese herb consultation.

Digestive problems

Chinese herbs effectively treat many digestive conditions and symptoms. The formulas we use help rectify functional imbalances of digestive organs and sooth inflamed intestinal tissue. The stomach and spleen are regarded as important organs in our body’s digestive process’. Often, we see symptoms related to a weak spleen including loose stool, bloating and appetite irregularities. When the body gets stressed the liver becomes an organ that makes everything worse! Undiagnosed issues that western medicine can’t solve are often rectified with Chinese herbs. IBS, undiagnosed cramping, chronic bloating and frequent bowel disorders are all indicated for treatment. In addition to administering herbs, your therapist will also be able to make Chinese medicine dietary suggestions to achieve treatment goals.


Chinese herbal medicine can help settle the mind, sedate the nervous system and help you fall/stay asleep. Insomnia is undoubtedly one of the most common conditions we treat in clinic. We can replenish the body’s reserves (yin) from burnout which is often a vicious cycle of more stress, more insomnia and increased fatigue. We provide customizable solutions to insomnia based around your sleep hygiene, when you have difficulty sleeping as well as other related diagnostic factors.  Sleep is SO important for your health and has a domino effect on your energy, concentration, immunity and ability to function. Chinese Medicine has many different interpretations and treatment options for insomnia. Sleep is related to our spirit, blood and the heart and kidneys in Chinese medicine. Without enough blood or “yin” your mind can’t settle into a peaceful sleep. The treatment will also relieve other related emotional symptoms including anxiety, irritability and depression.

Stress related diseases

Stress induced health issues include migraines, jaw tension, digestive conditions and if kept unchecked has been proven to lead to serious diseases. Being in downtown Toronto, we are experts in understanding the mechanism of how stress affects our patients. Long term stress has been proven to be related to heart disease, ulcers, stroke and depression. Let us customize a formula to reduce your stress, ground you and make your feel at ease.  Let Chinese herbs smooth emotional turbulence and physical effects that stress is creating. Nourish your mind and spirit with a gentle non-addictive lift from this valuable natural medicine.

Skin issues

Dermatological conditions benefit tremendously from Chinese Herbs. We see incredible results treating almost any skin issue. The blending of dynamic plant materials is often more effective than western medicine’s approach at isolating active ingredients into harsh chemicals that cause risky and unwanted side effects. In Chinese medicine, skin problems are often caused by issues with the blood. Common patterns known as blood deficiency or heat in the blood can cause acne, psoriasis, eczema and rosacea. Sometimes the body has too much dampness. Dampness when mixed with heat in the body is often another key player in skin issues according to TCM. Herbs help the body heal itself. Get back to living in your skin comfortably without itching, inflammation or blemishes getting in the way of your confidence.