Camille Greenstein R. Ac

Camille Greenstein R. Ac is a Registered Acupuncturist at Acupuncture Center Toroonto. Camille offers cupping acupuncture cosmetic acupuncture gua sha and moxibustion at our downtown clinic

Camille Greenstein R. Ac = wellness. She’s a Registered Acupuncturist with depth and tons of experience. With over 15 years in the health industry she pulls on her diverse educational background to serve you best. Camille practices all of our core services including clinical acupuncture cosmetic acupuncture, moxibustion, fire cupping and gua sha. She has a special interest in back pain, menstrual issues, sleep issues and digestion.

Her scope of practice includes years professionally practicing shiatsu therapy, yoga and personal training. Don’t let her immediate cuteness fool you, she’s got her eye on the prize and is focussed on your goals and will take you directly where you want to go whether its pain management or other health issues. Although we aren’t a massage focussed clinic, Camille wouldn’t let us get away with making sure you know that she LOVES incorporating shiatsu therapy into her work.  Her patients agree she’s got healing hands and applies shiatsu massage with perfect pressure. She’s really good at massage. Like really really above average fantastic!

Camille’s personality is intelligent, intuitive and confident. After 1 treatment with her you will quickly see that she’s dedicated to her patient’s feeling good and pain free. Like all other Acupuncture Center Toronto staff, she was hired because her bed-side manner is lovely. She’s likable. Being adorable and very pleasant to spend and hour with doesn’t hurt either. Camille’s experience and confidence makes her a great choice for your provider of consistent quality acupuncture.

Camille is available for appointments:

Monday                    9:00AM-3:00PM

Tuesday                    3:30PM-9:30PM

Fridays                      9:00AM-3:00PM

Saturday                  9:00AM-3:00PM

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