11 Sep

New therapist, extended hours and weekend availability

New INCREDIBLE therapist Alert!!!

We had a good emergency on our hands. The practice grew from a solo practice to a multi- practitioner clinic since moving back to Bloor Yorkville. We won awards, got featured in the National Post and all kinds of fantastic things happened. Bookings became hard to come by and I had to close by books. It was a good stress but not being able to accommodate new clients truly sucked.

Finding the right therapist was no-easy-task! I searched for someone that has a great treatment philosophy.  Traits that we were looking for were- kindness, patient focused care, humble, results driven and they had to have excellent people skills. Someone likable and intuitive.

Well holy shit WE STRUCK GOLD.

Kevin Joubert R. Ac has officially come on-board and is taking new patients! Before I hired Kevin, he had been checking me out and supporting the practice. He was liking the content on Facebook and following me the Instagram. This is a rare supportive act in a competitive industry between Toronto Acupuncturists.  This gesture stuck out in my mind and I remembered him even though I hadn’t yet met him in person.  Right before I met Kevin a colleague and friend who worked with him spoke highly of his care. I remember her telling me “He’s a great therapist, he thinks of things before I do…and he’s great with his hands.” Well I had to meet this person! I reached out and had a gut feeling immediately.  The rest was history. I wanted him to represent the clinic, the brand and join me in this Acupuncture Center Toronto adventure.

Kevin is a rare gem and fantastic healer. He studied at the SSC Acupuncture Institute. I think his transition from a fancy Federal Government job into becoming an acupuncturist speaks volumes. He sacrificed so much to do this career and it’s truly inspiring. He loves Traditional Chinese Medicine and he’s passionate about self-care. And in my opinion, the guy is so adorable and sweet. Everyone loves this dude and when you watch the video you will quickly know why.

Kevin Joubert R.Ac works at the clinic- Full days on both Mondays, Saturdays as well as Tuesday evenings. In the non-sales-pitchiest way possible, I’m highly encouraging you to book a treatment with him.

Watch this video meet our newest therapist Kevin Joubert, Registered Acupuncturist…

Best Acupuncture Clinic in Toronto Speaks Volumes

https://www.acupuncturecentertoronto.com Meet Kevin Joubert, Registered Acupuncturist R. Ac at Acupuncture Center Toronto. Our beautiful Yorkville clinic is steps from Bloor and Yonge St. Kevin chats about what makes our clinic so AMAZING, our therapists like him. It goes far beyond basic cupping, acupuncture, moxibustion.