Fee Increase: effective September 15th, 2021

On prices will be increasing by 15-20% (with some lead therapists, a little more). We’d like to share the reasons why.

It has been 2 years since we raised our fees. We held off as long as we could. It simply didn’t feel like the right thing to do during the pandemic. Everyone was struggling, many of us financially. We’ve seen an influx of anxiety, depression and stress in most of our patient population. We’ve been hyper aware of the turbulence and held it together to keep taking good care of patients and being a rock for everyone throughout the last couple years when at times it seemed like the city was crumbling around us.

We’ve held off on any price increase since 2019. This was super challenging but didn’t want to burden our patients. We were not able to work for several months due to the first lockdown in 2020 and built a brand-new clinic during that time. A go-fund me was put up then immediately taken down as it also just didn’t feel right. We’re not one for asking for handouts and sucked it up. For those of you that may not know, we were forced out of our previous location as the building was sold for condo redevelopment. We were left with the decision to close down permanently, move to a another less central neighborhood or take the risks of remaining in Yorkville and build a new location. As other small business shuttered, the stakes just kept getting higher as we were in construction mode when everyone else was “hunkering down” during worst of the pandemic lockdown. We’re lucky we were able to remain open for most of the pandemic and feel extremely grateful that we’ve been in a state of growth. We’re very happy to share our new space with so many incredible Torontonians! Excluding the huge capital required to build our current location, our expenses literally tripled with the new Cumberland location. We don’t have to share this information but do believe in transparency and communication in delivering what may be challenging news to some patients.

We do firmly believe the quality of care, consistency, undivided attention patients receive, and spectacular location of our clinic is now more appropriately reflected in our new price structure. Unlike most acupuncture clinics, our Acupuncturists will continue to treat only 1 person at a time. We refuse to provide anything less than 1-1 care. Our Acupuncturists often literally work themselves ragged (especially during busy season October-December) to make patients more relaxed and healthier. We want to be able to continue to retain the best therapists in the industry and pay them a fair livable wage in what has become the one of the most expensive cities in the world. Without a salary, benefits or pension, we want to ensure our staff are as well take care of as they take care of everyone else.

We do understand that our rates may no longer be within some patient’s budgets and for those patients it really does break our hearts. We get it. We’d love to be able to not have to worry about all of the above stuff we’ve just discussed. In order for us to continue to remain open, we have no choice. We’d like to be able to refer anyone struggling financially to other Toronto clinics who offer sliding scale treatments but still high-quality Acupuncture. Here are 2 referrals we recommend:

We are confident that we are going to be able to continue serving you for many more years to come and appreciate your support. COME CHILL WITH US, ALWAYS. XO

Carrie Kawahatsu moves to Lead Associate Acupuncturist Role

We’re pleased to announce Carrie Kawahatsu R. Ac R. TCMP has transitioned into a Lead Associate Acupuncturist position. She is sweet and humble and embodies a non-judgemental attitude towards everyone. Her treatments are considerate, thoughtful and incredibly effective. Carrie has worked at the clinic for several years. She is former faculty as a professor at Eight Branches Acupuncture College. If you’ve tried to book an appointment with her in the last couple of years, you will know that her career has grown into a power practice.

Within the last year, Carrie consistently has had especially long wait lists, works long stretches without vacations and most importantly nails it with her treatments! She exemplifies the spirit and culture of Acupuncture Center Toronto. Carrie is the kind of therapist that works tirelessly, usually found in her treatment room, head down working hard concentrating and tending to her clients. She’s adored by her patients and fellow clinic staff. She’s shown exceptional leadership skills in her practice management and is always supportive of her team. Her attention to COVID-19 safety has remained commendable and her patients always feel fantastic after a treatment with her. Congratulations Carrie, we’re proud of you.

Carrie Kawahatsu R. Ac R. TCMP at Acupuncture Center Toronto

Carrie’s new fees effective November 1st 2021  are reflective of her extensive experience, more senior role and high demand for her appointment availability. We appreciate your understanding.