12 Aug

Acupuncture Instructor & Solid Acupuncturist- Carrie Kawahatsu…WELCOME to Acupuncture Center Toronto!!!!

Carrie Kawahatsu joined the clinic full time and here’s why you should book an appointment with her

As soon as we met Carrie Kawahatsu it was love it first sight. SHE HAD TO BE ON OUR TEAM!!! When meeting this fine lady, it’s apparent:

Acupuncture Center Toronto therapist Carrie Kawahatsu

Carrie Kawahatsu practices Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs in downtown Toronto.

  1. She’s smart
  2. She’s a nice person
  3. She cares about people and is super respectful
  4. Look at her! She may be the cutest person you’ll ever meet. Seriously, if 0 was not cute and 10 was fricken adorable, well let’s just say Carrie would be a fierce 11.

Here’s more reasons why Carrie was chosen to come onboard with us to help chill out Toronto with Acupuncture…

Carrie is a registered acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medicine practitioner with a love of the Taoist roots of the practice.  Taoism, which is all about living in harmony with the natural world, relates strongly to the human body.  Treating the body well and allowing it the time and space to heal itself is essential to Carrie’s practice.  We all have the power to heal ourselves; Carrie sees herself as a servant or supporter of her patients on the journey towards living a peaceful, healthy and balanced life.

When you go to see Carrie, you’ll meet an attentive listener who creates a space to hold you.  Carrie’s gentle nature and compassionate approach allows people to feel comfortable and open.  Carrie is perceptive and works diligently to address both the symptoms you present as well as underlying, constitutional issues.  She is accomplished at knowing what you need!

Carrie is adept at working with musculoskeletal issues, including back, neck and shoulder pain and chronic issues such as arthritis.  She is also accomplished at working with gynecological and digestive issues, such as dysmenorrhea, IBS, and indigestion issues.  However, Carrie’s real passion is to work with people with psycho-emotional and mental health issues.  Her extensive background in meditation, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and yoga allow her to use acupuncture and Chinese herbs to work with patients suffering from depression or anxiety, for example.  Carrie is a gifted acupuncturist and herbalist who really enjoys working with and treating people.

Carrie comes to acupuncture from work as a teacher.  Her extensive teaching experiences in the USA, Japan, China, Thailand and Canada all contribute to her comfort in working with clients of all ages, including children, and from all backgrounds.  Her teaching background also comes in handy as she is skillful at discussing the ways in which Chinese medicine works and providing “homework” in the form of exercises or herbal medicine for her clients.  In addition to working at this clinic, Carrie currently teaches at Eight Branches, a Traditional Chinese Medicine school in Toronto. Carrie graces the clinic full time at ACT and will be taking appointments starting mid September. Come chill with her.

Want an appointment with Carrie? Click below!


27 Oct

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23 Mar

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07 Dec

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22 May

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