07 Dec

We got reviewed on a super cool skin care Blog!

Oh look! Our cosmetic acupuncture was featured on Theskiny Blog. We treated Bailey for fine lines and acne. She was a newbie and threw caution to the wind. She posted her experience with getting facial needles-fears, excitement opinions and all.  Read More

22 May

Acupuncture Center Toronto gets schooled in Japan

Fresh off the plane from Japan!  I’m going to do a series of posts on a few incredible experiences I had during my travels. I’m going to share a cool Sotai experience during a recent visit to Yokohama.  Sotai is a uniquely Japanese kind of bodywork.  While it’s totally different than Shiatsu, it’s still pretty neat and has a lot of curative value. Read More

19 Nov

Eat breakfast- your moms was right


Do you want to live till 100? Ofcourse you do!

We get asked a lot other than acupuncture, what can I do with my diet to give me more energy. Usually it has to do with improving the health of the spleen. Your spleen Qi is likely weak.   The spleen is one of the THE MOST important organs in the body according to TCM. Read More

21 Aug

History of Acupuncture- Sticking pins in someone- Who thought of that?

Wow, so exciting. Welcome to our fist blog entry!!! Hope you like the new digs.

I often get asked about the origins of acupuncture. As a patient lies on the table, I gently tap needles into them. They will get an inquisitive/confused look on their face and I know what they are about to ask. “How was it that someone thought to stick pins into another?” or “Who thought of that?” What a good question! The short answer is nobody really knows. Scholars and experts in historical medicine agree that there is no written documentation of the very beginnings of acupuncture. Not in Chinese or English. An excellent and detailed investigation of the evolution of acupuncture theory can be found here.  Let’s take a look at what we do know about history of Chinese Medicine. Hopefully we can get a grasp of how acupuncture came to be…

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